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London to Cambridge Bike ride for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Every year I attempt to challenge myself and raise money doing so for a charity. This year I have chosen to cycle 60miles from London to Cambridge to help support the great work that Breakthrough Breast Cancer are doing.

If you are in a position to donate, whether large or small please do click on the link below to go to my Just Giving donation page.

Takes place on Sunday 26th July 2014

Please donate here. Thank you.


3rd March - Tostitos Vimeo Viral

It's been some time since i last blogged but this one, i think you'll agree is worth the wait.

view the live campaign



30th April - Honda Insight digital online campaign

Honda have developed a highly engaging and unique online digital campaign to promote their hybrid eco-friendly cars. This is definately one to checkout

view the live campaign



Zoological Society for London Launches new website

All aspects of the ZSL website were addressed, from a design to information architecture. New information channels were created ensuring a constant flow of news and articles that could be effectively found by the visitors.

The site was encased in various rich enviroments, portraying ZSL aim of preserving animals in their natural worlds.

visit the live website and adopt a animal!



15 November 2008 - Layering DIV Content onto flash movies for a richer website

It seems that with the use of flash technology and the advances in CSS we can layer DIV (HTML content) on top of flash content. This allows us designer to play around with exiting visual backgrounds whilst maintaining all accessibility levels and steering away from complete flash based websites. Here's how.

When exporting your flash movie, enter your publish settings. Select the HTML Tab and located the Window Mode Option. Select the Transparent Windowless option and export your movie.

Within your html, creatve your background DIV layer
<div class"flashlayer">this is where my content sits</div>
and give it a class name of "flashlayer". The name can be anyting you like.

Place for your flash movie code within the div tags. Add the following code to the OBJECT tag: param name="wmode" value="transparent"><param name="wmode" value="transparent"

In the EMBED tag add the following:: wmode="transparent"

Open your css file and and set the CSS class attributes for flashlayer e.g. .flashlayer { position: absolute; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px; height: 520px; width: 980px; z-index:-1;}

It is important to set the position property as position:absolute;

Notice the z-index:-1 property. This property sets the stacks of elements. Set the flashlayer stack index to the lowest value. This will place your flash movie layer to back. Increase the stack orders to move the layer closer to the foreground. Remember to bring the stack forward, you will also need to set the z-index on all other classes. Enjoy.



01 November 2008 - Adobe Launches Creative Suite 4

Adobe has announced the release of its Creative Suite 4 with major updates that include GPU support. This is fantastic news, as Adobe's Photoshop is now packed with even more 3D modelling and motion based content tools.

If you missed the launch video you can watch it again here.



04 August 2008 - A fantastic collection of illustrative styles from the designers at Art. Lebedev Studios

The super creative people at Art. Lebedev Studios have formed a collection of fantastic illustative styles. Take a look and be inspired.



09 July 2008 - Flash based websites become visable in search engines

Adobe has teamed up with industry leaders to vastly improve the searcheability of flash based content online, by providing its optimised flash player technology to Google and Yahoo.



09 July 2008 - Google Maps API for Adobe Flash?

It seems that the smart people at Google have managed to integrate the very popular mashup tool "Google Maps" into Adobes Flash Player utilising the actionscript source code.



02 July 2008 - OTHER media website launches

After three years of tireless work the old OTHERmedia website was laid to rest. A new, fresher model, that showcases the clients and the design talents of the company now takes centre stage.

Position: Creative Lead Designer

See the new live website here
View the Official Press Release



01 July 2008 - Action For Blind People relaunches charity website

Designing for users with severe visual disabilities is no easy feat. This was the challenge for the latest redesign for the Action for Blind People charity website. A variety of usability features where designed and implemented and sections themed to provide unique experiences. The site was tested by the faithful charity members and proved a huge success.

Position: Creative Lead

See the new live website here



15th June 2008 - Photography published in Mays Edition of DCMag

Whilst on my travels along the east coast of Australia I decided to take a detour to Fraser Island. After an arduous 4x4 drive through rugged terrain, I discovered Lake McKenzie. The crystal white sands and clear fresh waters gave the illusion of an artificial beach. It was an absolutely beautiful day when I arrived as the sun gleamed off the ripples on the water